“Women Absorb And Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With” (Critique, Fake News?)

I don’t think this is true, “yournewswire” is a place anyone can technically submit a press release. The title was overtly clickbait and the article itself is literally tailored to a certain demographic of reader with certain… Beliefs about women.

If it is true than alright but if not then it’s a perfect example of Groups/Alliances/Political Parties/Activist and Lobbying Groups using Fake News to bolster their own Political Agenda.

I wish I didn’t have to literally fact check everything I read on the internet and in general. I wish more people told the truth; but that’s the price of really understanding how the World truly works and who really has the power to manipulate trends/thought processes/the masses in general.

We need less “Going with the Flow” and more Independent Thought and Critical Thinking. Be you, think for yourself; don’t be just another sheep following the herd.


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