Why Cannabis Threatens Big Pharma and How they Have their Tendrils into Our Government.

Hopefully I don’t come off like a conspiracy nut but even if I do? It’s worth it. Y’all heard about that Football Player that got barred from the NFL for testing dirty for pot right? Bills lineman Seantrel Henderson was suspended FOR FOUR GAMES just for testing positive for marijuana, nevermind the fact that he had to use it for Crohns Disease! Being that I have a variation of Crohns myself that ended up leading to an Ostomy Pouch I may be a little biased BUT; that sounds rather unfair to me. I mean… if he’d been popping Oxycodone before his games because his doctors said that was ok and he had a note; would that be ok? Why is it such a big deal to use marijuana for serious medical instances (personally I see no qualms with it in general but this is specifically targeting the fact that a man’s career was put on hold because he uses a plant to treat a very serious illness).

Let me tell you why they don’t want you using marijuana, it should be obvious but let’s state it anyway; IF YOU USE WEED TO TREAT YOUR ILLNESS NOBODY WILL BUY THINGS LIKE MORPHINE/OXYCODONE and all the other big pharma drugs they love to push on us. How about those Benzos for your anxiety like Clonozapam and Xanax (Alprazolam)? Using marijuana hampers those sales, it’s the same reason they don’t invent (or at least say they don’t) invent cures for things; cures don’t keep earning sustained income; TREATMENT DOES! See what I did there? Treatment vs. Cures, that’s the way it works because money makes the world go round!

Marijuana has so many medical uses… Personally I like CBD Oil, but guess what? Even though that has THE LOWEST THC concentrate of any THC products, big pharma and our government have now made it a Schedule One Drug (meaning it’s illegal). SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T EVEN GET YOU HIGH IS NOW ILLEGAL, see something wrong with that? Write your local Congressman, fill their mailboxes with letters and emails, garner power and influence like the lobbyist groups; get out there and MAKE THEM LISTEN TO YOU! We as citizens have the power, more power than you realize and even when we don’t we live in a beautiful amazing country where we can all study hard; and go out there and join politics!

Let’s make a difference and stop letting the government treat marijuana like a problem!!!

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