When You Ditch a Party for the Biz #Adulting

            First off I want to state how bloody annoying it is to have to come up with nicknames for everyone on this blog (to protect their identities), I mean it’s funny and everything (because I’m very descriptive) but it’s hard work!

            Today has been an interesting day to say the least, the girl I was supposed to go out with this evening didn’t reply to my confirmation text until just a couple hours ago and her response was: “LMFAO I was dead asleep” -_-, yeah not even an apology. Obviously I didn’t bother texting her back and wrote her off as a time waster (it’s too bad because she really was gorgeous), kind of glad I didn’t have to go down to Lakewood though; no offense to anyone that lives there but… it’s a rough neighborhood to say the least (let’s be honest it’s the hood). I can totally support going out there for business but for a girl? I may have had to cancel on her anyway to be honest.

            Ended up having to call the nurse to come change my dressing, thank God that she was able to figure everything out since my actual Home Health Nurse is on bed rest (she’s pregnant), my dressing and seal seems to be holding up quite well however J. I got in about an hour of walking on the treadmill (I’m still on a lifting/cardio ban), but I have got to say I’m looking pretty damn good for a guy who’s been cut open as many times as I have.

I also started running a social experiment on my online dating profiles, I posted the picture with me shirtless and my bag out (it’s in this blog post at the bottom). I also posted a disclaimer about having my bag: “DISCLAIMER: I have a bag attached to my stomach, I've been through a lot of shit and I'm lucky to even be alive right now. If that's not your thing I totally get it, but say so before we waste each other's time :). I've also uploaded a picture so before you judge me for shirtless pictures just remember it's because I'm being honest about what look like haha ;).” Interestingly enough I started getting MORE traffic and messages after I posted that (perhaps revealing a vulnerability? Or maybe it’s that my abs are finally starting to come back haha). We shall see what will happen, but I go out with so many girls right now that it’s eating up too much time; since my goal isn’t to just get laid (and hasn’t really been for years now, I have no trouble getting girls; simply keeping them) perhaps this will only match me up with women who are more interested in pursuing a relationship. Obviously I’m not stupid enough to mention commitment or what I’m looking for (we must indeed play the game, that’s just the rules you have to make them chase you -_-, annoying but true), but hopefully this matches me with more… worthwhile women, though it’s nice to see that I’m getting even more traffic by being more open about myself (like how it’s supposed to work in ROMCOMS even though any guy who “Gets it” knows it doesn’t).

            Anyway after my workout one of my mates texted me and asked me to come join him and another friend at the Sammamish Landing (a beach/park near my town). Unfortunately, both of their phones died and I spent 15 minutes looking for them before I gave up and was about to head home, luckily I saw two other guys I knew in the parking lot and they said that they knew where my buddies were. We headed back to the beach and ended up joining a Co-Ed group of about 10 people, I didn’t like everyone there but it was nice to just chill and have a laugh with people for a bit. I tend to be extremely introverted along with having social anxiety (though again with the modeling/partying/running nightclubs/massive amounts of dates I go on; you’d never be able to tell, thanks Klonopin!), so while I do hangout with people a fair amount it’s not really… something I actively go out and initiate. Sometimes I do but I usually don’t call people up and ask them to hangout, or if I do it’s for a specific reason. I’m quite aware of how much I need to keep in contact with people/see them in person in order to maintain relationships, but typically depending on my mood it’s generally not a priority to me. I do like these people a lot though so it was nice to see them, it was also quite funny because they were up to some… shenanigans.

            They ended up deciding to go to one of their older friend’s houses for a kickback, but they took so long figuring out a plan of action my business meeting with Tyga was due to start (so I would have gone to said kickback and then almost immediately had to leave, pointless). When I got to the restaurant I was meeting Tyga at I found that he had brought his little brother as well (who is an egotistical pretty boy, but then again so am I so I quite enjoy his company). We talked shop and hashed out new ideas that I CAN’T WAIT to put into action! Everything I’m doing these days is so full of… possibilities. There are no more limits I put on myself, I’m going to succeed or die trying (ok that was overdramatic, but really I’m going to make it)! Clearly I’m also maturing as well, the old me would have blown off the business meeting to go hangout with my buddies and mess about (I swear I’m the weirdest introvert/extrovert combo I’ve ever seen).

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