The Truth (By Mike Po)

Ok... Here is the truth. 
If you had to ask, you never knew. 
If you thought you knew, you'd never understand.
If you think you understood, you never felt. 
If you think you felt, you never experienced. 
If you thought you experienced, you've never lived. 
If you haven't lived, don't say you have. If you've never experienced you have no right to talk. If you've never felt, you could never express. If you've never known, that's not an excuse. 
I am who I am. 
I don't need confirmation, sympathy or empathy. If you know me it's because I LET you know me. I don't need a colleague, I don't need an equal. I don't need a superior or a subordinate. I don't need to hear, "oh I have a friend who went through that" or "I went through a similar situation" No you haven't. My Jordans are size 9. And even if you have the same pair, your tread isn't worn the same. You don't wear the same stains. You haven't taken the same steps I have. And you don't have the same scuffs as I do. I've stomped trough darkness and crawled in evil. I've swam in fear and waded in pain. I've inhaled the naive and exhaled lies. I've bathed in the sewer and rinsed off in toxins. 
But I wear this smile hidden in lies.  I put the paint on my face as to take on a familiarity so you can feel like you can level with me. But be thankful that you don't know my depths, and haven't, like me, suffocated while your air supply was cut off. Please, revel in the fact that I've walked through the valley of the shadow of death, and I fear no evil. I was blessed with addiction and cursed with recovery. I was baptized in blood, and then, was resurrected in light , and will give it to you, expecting nothing in return, other than acceptance and humility. So just cheer me on, because when no one else will, I'll be the one to run in to battle and I'll fight for you all, especially those of you who can't fight for yourselves.  I'll be your protector, so you don't have to witness the atrocities that I've seen. And I'll do it all..... For love. 

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