The Shortest Audition Ever!

Had an awesome audition for a Microsoft Commercial this afternoon. I still need to figure out the right balance of anxiety/anti depressant drugs because my hands were super shaky while I was playing with the Tablet/Surface (whatever) on camera. I’m hoping they will be able to look past it but I’m really not expecting a callback (fuck it, I WILL BEAT THIS ANXIETY). Interestingly enough it was in Capital Hill and the only thing they had me do was introduce myself to the camera after signing in and then flipping through the Surface screen (or pretending to anyway). Hopefully I do get it because that will be another 500$ in my pocket that I can use to help Dad pay the bills.

So unfortunately Blonde Tatted Baddy Car Chick didn’t reply to my text this morning (we went out 2 nights ago so it’s not like it was super needy/soon to try and get a 2nd date or anything, just a “Hey Blonde Tatted Baddy Car Chick J, when is your next free evening to go out again?”). I also saw her online on POF, so I figure that’s probably a wrap on that one and delete the text convo and block her on POF so I don’t see her anymore (she can still get in touch with me via text, but this is one of my tips on getting over the anxiety/irritation of not having a girl text you back!) You definitely do not want to freak out in these situations, the most I would ever do now is send another text after a full day of radio silence asking “When her next free evening was”, don’t get mad, don’t get butthurt; neither of those things are attractive and they’ll actually just be laughing at you. Also go focus on getting more girls, nothing better than having a girl that didn’t call you back see you out on the hill with an even hotter girl ;). When I write my “Anxiety Over Not Getting a Text Back from a Potential Romantic Partner” Article I will go more in depth on to that.

            Last night however was pretty cool; I’ve been seeing a woman we’ll call… Hilary Clinton Loving Chick (because she won’t hear a word against Hilary haha). She’s super chill and we’ve just been casually seeing each other since February; I go over we have sex, watch some Netflix, eat some food, have more sex and then I leave. Best arrangement ever (ok I’d love to actually find a girlfriend that I loved and cared about but with as many dates as I’ve been on since my ex and I broke up back in October… well I’d say the likelihood of having anything more than a fling is less than 1%, I just seem to have bad luck with getting girls to stick around). Also Hilary Clinton Loving Chick was supposed to come visit me in the hospital but work kept her away, SO SHE BOUGHT ME A GAME OF THRONES COLORING BOOK! Erm…. I think that’s good…? I do love Game of Thrones, but a coloring book? Luckily my Mum ended up loving it so I gave it to her instead.

            This morning the Home Health Nurse came by and changed my dressing, said it is looking REALLY good, but I’m still on the gym ban till September (don’t want hernias of course). Things are really starting to look up, I always keep a positive attitude regardless but things do seem to be going really well lately. As far as tonight the plan was originally to go to a party my old business partner will be spinning at (we’ll call him… DJ Hobbit, since he’s a DJ and also quite short), as fucking usual nobody can get ahold of DJ Hobbit. I’m not sure if I’m ready to step back into the Cold Approach Pickup Scene in Capital Hill, hitting on girls at bars always conveys the certain risk that a drunk jealous boyfriend may attack you (and with my dressings and wound still not healed, I can’t afford a fight right now). We’ll see what the night has in store for me!

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