Stripper Poles, Fire Spinning and Political Lobbyist Positons

It has most certainly been a busy weekend (and not just in the sense of Modding Fallout 4 too much). The highlight of Friday night was definitely the stripper pole, also I’ve got to say the look on my managers face (as well as the other promoters), when some kid that one of my buddies had invited to the party ended up at the festival I was working, mentioned there being a stripper pole and he was sorry he missed out. Utterly hilarious haha Them: “So….. Trackrunner what do you get up to on the weekend?”, Me: Oh you know… just trying to not be antisocial!


Is this title total clickbait? FUCK YEAH IT IS ¯_(ツ)_/¯ (I’m really having waaaaay too much fun with the shrug emoji today), but the stripper pole was most certainly the funniest part of Friday; the women attendees of the party were good on it and all but it was even more funny to see the guys trying to use it (there was plenty of falling, but hey at least they tried!) Interestingly enough I encountered an old “enemy” of mine at the party, I was with Da Bouncer and my old modeling buddy/head of security from my house party throwing days who we’ll call… “Gym Leader” (because he owns his own gym); when I thought I saw the guy my ex broke up with me for (who I also thought she cheated on me with). I’d long since stopped being upset with either of them (it’s been more than a year), but I still decided to at least talk to him about it (NON CONFRONTATIONALLY). We’ll call him Piercings (because he has a ridiculous amount of piercings), I went up to him in the crowd and said “Hey Piercings how’s it going” (this was my tester to see if he’d be confrontational to me, I can usually read someone before a fight starts if there’s going to be one). He said “Oh good at least I have one friend here!” (this was said in a non-sarcastic way, so I knew I was good; I let my two buddies know what I was off to do in case they needed to come back me up and asked Piercings to step outside with me.

Once we got off on our own I jumped right into it and he explained to me what really happened; while she had broken up with me for him she’d also always been faithful to me during our relationship (which made me a little sad for the way I’d treated her). I believe him because I can usually read if people are telling the truth or not (thanks Psych studies!), plus he’s about my size and it would have been a fairly even fight if it had come down to it; it was over a year ago and he had zero reason to lie to me whatsoever. Anyway interestingly enough Piercings and I end up becoming pretty tight that night and we decide to go to a party together the next night (since he literally lives down the street from me). Also I’m quite proud of myself, a girl was flirting with me pretty heavily but even though she was quite attractive; I just didn’t see anything going places with her. I’ve really grown up in the past couple months and I’m no longer focused on women whatsoever unless it's gonna go somewhere (I.E. lead to a relationship, the entire reason I ever got into Pickup in the first place!)

The highlight of the next party was the dope ass fire spinner, I dunno who this guy was but damn his fire spinning was intense (if I can figure out how to upload videos you’ll see what I mean!) I also had several deep talks with people I’ve known for years, but learned stuff that night about them that I had never known. The party was quite small comparatively to what I normally go too but it was much more relaxed and the vibe was better than a rager. Piercings and I had a pretty good time!

The Political Lobbyist Job interview was today; I’m surprised I even got considered for it considering I don’t even have an Associates Degree. I think I’m probably more Conservative than they’d probably want anyway; however, I went and interviewed regardless. Sounded like a cool organization but it’s not for me. Now I’ve got to practice my two lines (yes only two lines, Dear God this is hilarious, but I’m being paid 1000$ so you best believe they’ll be the best two lines ever done; some Shakespearian shit) for the shoot tomorrow plus go to the gym.

P.S. Before I run off I’m happy to announce that we’ve had A TON OF INTEREST in the Guest Writers/Content Contributors positions! So you should see quite a few new articles popping up in the next couple weeks! EXCITING 😀

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