So I Accidently Ended up on a TV show…. #WTFMOMENTS

Yeah the title is true lol, pretty crazy the shenanigans I get into eh? I applied for this random Travel Channel Commercial about a week back and the director never got back to me. Randomly the day before yesterday I get an email saying the shoot is a go and I need to be at the Museum of Flight Tarmac Runway at 8 AM the next morning (almost didn’t show up because I had a dentist appointment). Luckily the Casting Director said it was cool to come after my appointment and I ended up showing up at about 9:30 AM.

First off I have to say I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!! Unfortunately my gums and mouth are all jacked up (possibly from the autoimmune disease, they aren’t really sure). So I have to go for more frequent cleanings than the average person (small price to pay to have bomb smelling breathe ;)). Anyway after I got to the museum it took me a bit to find the film shoot set because…. They were behind a secure gate and had RENTED AN AIRPLANE!! It was pretty dope, once I got there I found out that it wasn’t actually a commercial, IT WAS AN EPISODE OF “EXPEDITION UNKNOWN”!! Which is a TV Show on the Travel Channel, I was talking to my business partner Tyga tonight at the meeting and he was like “bro only you could accidently wander on to a TV show”, hilarious.

It was pretty dope to be on set and the host (Josh something or other) was there, which supposedly is irregular I dunno. I made a few friends (most of the guys were older, late 30’s to early 50’s), but the gals playing the airline stewardesses were late 20’s and seemed pretty cool so I chatted with them for a bit. I ended up making good friends with another passenger extra who we’ll call “Jawline”, (this guy had a jawline that actually made me envious -_-, cool dude though).

FILMING TOOK FOREVER!!! I don’t know if people realize this about TV stuff but FUCK, it takes a long ass time to do! I thought the shoot would be like 2 hours max and I ended up being there until about 7:30 in the evening. Barely even got a chance to go home before I went to go see my friend to watch a movie over at her place.

Some other cool stuff has also happened recently, I’m officially a CO-PRODUCER ON THE “Political Boxing Reality TV Show”!!! It’s super exciting, all my friends tried out to be fighters too so it’ll be a good chance to hang with the homies :D. Also I get to pick the ring girl that we’re using (well me and the Director and Producers above me), it’s so funny; now I’m not one to hold grudges but…. It’s interesting how so many people will hit you up when they want something from you and pay ZERO attention to you otherwise (is there an eye rolling emoji here?) Anyway I don’t really care, part of what I’ve learned growing up so much in the last few months is that it pays to keep your personal feelings away from… well pretty much everything. I use my passion and fire to inspire me of course but I try to be as neutral as possible (as well as keeping my emotions unreadable) during any kind of business or just generally going about my day. Seems to work much better this way!

I’ll be picking whoever is the best candidate for the show and will do the best job/draw the best crowd as the ring girl (regardless of my personal feelings on them/our past encounters), same for the fighters; I’d love to just pick my best mates so I could hang and train with them, but this is business and I’ll be picking whoever is best for the job.

Anyway it’s super late (or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it), so I’m gonna go grab a quick workout and hit the hay! Cheers!

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