Should an Ostomy be Considered a Disability or Not?

In response to a question posed to me as to whether an Ostomy should be considered a disability or not: (The question came from one of the Seattle Disability Groups). 

"I'd have to say yes, I try not to view it that way and let it stop me from doing things, but I've been in the hospital over 30 times in the last couple years; as well as having multiple surgeries, long recovery times and a lot of pain.

I've lost multiple jobs from being in the hospital so much, had to drop out of school multiple times. Lost out on multiple relationships (at my age it's hard to find someone willing to deal with all the hospital stays and other issues that come with an Ostomy) not that I would want someone like that in my life anyway! Also I've lost out on plenty of modeling/acting jobs because of it as well.

It limits my workouts and the way/how hard I get to push myself in the gym. I have to eat differently than everyone else, the only reason I haven't gone off and completed university (I'm 23) and live with my parents is because I'm literally in and out of the hospital.

So yes I'd consider a disability and a hindrance to my life ^_^; HOWEVER, my Ostomy and struggles with Ulcerative Colitis are part of why my character is so strong and I can overcome any challenge. I'm also utterly and completely fearless, I've already been through so much I've built an incredibly strong emotional/mental/physical armor. I'm not saying I'm numb either, I burn with passion to build support systems/foundations and other things to help Ostomates/people with anxiety/people with depression.

I don't mean it's a disability in the sense that I feel self pity, I mean it's a disability in the sense that it's an extremely life changing alteration. Also nobody will understand the million different things you have to deal with on a daily basis vs. Regular people.

Thanks for the positive wishes ^_^ it's good to be able to have members of the community to turn too; and I definitely will contact Blake Bedford and get tips about becoming an Ostomy fitness model!"

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