Rollercoaster Shenanigans/FLYING BACK TO SEA-TOWN TONIGHT!!

2016-08-09 13.20.35

Man yesterday was dope, I'd have blogged but my cousins and I spent the entire day at Canadas Wonderland! I've been having bag issues, but that didn't stop me from going out and enjoying the roller coasters! I was a crazy fuck and took a ridiculous amount of snapchat vids WHILE ON THE ROLLER COASTERS (do ya know how bloody hard it is to take video footage while you're upside down and moving ridiculously fast and being jerked around? Guess I'm just a badass 😈😈, or ya know really reckless haha! We bought 4 fast lane passes (cost almost 500$) but so fucking worth it to skip the lines and do coasters over and over (not to mention with how much my Ostomy has been acting up it'd be pretty damn hard to deal with a 2 hour line.

I was sad to say good bye to my family, but since we may be moving here in a couple years (especially if Trump makes good on his threat to get rid of my people), luckily I hold a dual Canadian citizenship as well as an American one; so it'll be easy to just finish school here.

Also this whole writing thing is going to be harder than I thought, because of my maverick and unorthodox methods a lot of the community haven't exactly been helpful -_-. One of the big youtubers for Chrons/Ostomies chewed me out for "spamming her page" (fuckin A I thought we were all of the same side). However when I apologized and asked for some help she didn't even bother responding to me! The Seattle Disability group kicked me out after that little argument with that twit Caro Johnson; however being the resourceful awesome dude that I am I shall figure it out regardless! Changing my snapchat name to the website as well as heavy promo through Facebook groups and youtube vids/channels we've gotten OVER 180 views in a day! FUCK YA! I also still have all my old event/rave/nightclub and modeling connections so once some more articles are written I'll reach out to them to spread the good word!

I wrote down all the bag/stomach/digestive issues I'm having to tell to the doc, Pro Tip: write all your shit down, keep organized and keep your ideas in a journal that you write in while they're still fresh, it's been very helpful in everything I do.

"Issues: abdominal pain, fierce, piercing, burning, sharp, starts typically in lower half and moves up, it feels like stoma is having trouble pushing food out. Pain about 1-2 hours after eating, only iv fluids and hospital drugs to bloodstream eradicate pain completely. Bags are also not sticking correctly, having trouble if put on wound (need smaller wafer, and smaller round sure seals) if wafer goes on wound won't stick properly, of it doesn't I have to push it into my stoma (a little bit on the left side) in order to get it to fit with the sure seal on top of it both not covering wound. Could this be scar tissue or a bad stomach bug or adhesions?

Possible fixes: smaller wafers (needed! But same exact model of wafer and pouch), small round seals, nothing touches wound because it's being sucked up by the skin. Hopefully nothing wrong with my insides but no idea right now. Could be more scar tissue, has been serious gas issues as well as tons of pain."

Now signing off so I can go catch my flight, see ya soon Seattle!!


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