Quick Blog Post to Update Everyone on the “Single Combat” Show! Plus Interview with Seattle Metropolitan Coming out Tomorrow!

Goodness it’s been a long few days. I haven’t much time honestly, I’m in the middle of 18 bajillion different things right now and I have no idea how I’m keeping it all organized to be honest. Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m creating The Official Single Combat Website @ http://www.singlecombatshow.com/, it’s not done yet though so for show news and information you can either come here to this site or better yet email me @ Singlecombatcasting@gmail.com.

Fighters will be picked within the next week or so, so if you haven’t interviewed yet, MAKE SURE YOU DO!

School starts on Monday next week, bloody hell I can’t believe it’s coming this soon. I’m excited but a little worried about losing out on some of the bigger and more lucrative Modeling/Acting gigs because I’m in school. Regardless it has to be my first priority, above everything else.

Another of my articles has been published on “A Bigger Life”! Quite exciting this one is about what you should bring to the hospital on surgery day. My interview with Seattle Metropolitan Magazine comes out tomorrow as well :D. All Exciting stuff! I also have a 2nd interview with the Executive Producer for a TLC Network Documentary Series that’s coming out in 2017. Hopefully all goes well, fingers crossed!

Oh and EID MUBARAK EVERYONE! I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend Mosque because I was sleeping over at my… girl/friend’s (we’re still casually dating) place and we had a late night because we went to see War Dogs! Sick movie honestly, super dope; and then riding around Seattle with the convertible and top down with my dumb ass hanging out of the car taking selfie videos at 80 mph on the freeway hahahaha (how am I not dead yet?)

Also I did a shit ton of producer work yesterday for the show (ok so the boss man and I chillaxed and smoked cigars for like half that time buuuut….. I digress). We built two podiums for the debates that will happen before fighters get in the ring, we also practiced my fight poses and worked on all the marketing coordination and Social Media (which yours truly is in charge of). It’s going to be a busy couple months but I’m making moves and making things happen!

Much love :D.

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