Porsche Modeling Shoots, Training for Mr. United States and Developing my First App! (Sorry I Haven’t been Blogging… You’ll Understand I Promise :))

So to my readers I do apologize I’ve been incredibly busy (yes I know that doesn’t excuse not updating my blog); the pictures I’ve included have literally just been in the last couple weeks so everything has been a giant whirl of shenanigans!

          Annnnnnnd Just had an hour long conversation (clearly getting distracted again -__-) about a new event I’m using my Mr. Washington State Title to help setup (well someone else is setting up, I’ll just be making a speech 😊), basically it’ll be all about inspiring people to follow their dreams and it’s really exciting so I’m happy to be a part of it! I do have to stop getting bloody distracted all the time, it’s….. sort of killing me.

          Hmm, so the official titles came out (ok unofficial list, official list goes out next week after we send in our platform paperwork, which is what cause we’re standing for); that was exciting I still can’t believe I somehow got picked to be Mr. Washington, it’s nuts haha. I also did a Modeling Shoot for Porsche and Essentia Water and that was a ton of fun! Made tons of great contacts and setup some exciting future business plans!

          Training for Mr. America has been insane, my legs are literally burning everytime I train (bloody trainer and his obsession with the Hacksquat). It’s all good though it’s worth it if I win! I’ve never trained this hard and I can see the clear difference it’s making; come August I’ll be ready, that’s what counts. Unfortunately something is wrong with my gut again, it’s been resulting in massive nausea everytime I workout hard….. However I’m pushing past it because to have someone with an Ostomy bag as the new Mr. United States… Well that would not only be one helluva boost to further the cause and fight the good fight but it would be a boon to not only my own self-confidence but those I inspire as well!

          Oh also I’m developing an App now and “Single Combat” (our TV show on Amazon Prime), will be starting to film a new episode! It’s quite exciting, possible GoPro usage for ACTUAL FIRST PERSON Combatant Perspective during Mutual Combat! Add in some Obstacle Course and some new Arenas… well this episode should be bloody well more action packed than the first! Right back to the app, it’s… Well I can’t tell you; unfortunately, I’m bound by an NDA by the other Founding Partners and my Financial Backers. Suffice to say it’s a pretty dope concept and I cannot WAIT till it comes out!

          There’s so much more going on…. I’m writing Real Estate Articles for my boss under the Pen Name “Jay Tiberius”, I’ll be posting them here too; don’t laugh or think I’ve gone off my rocker, it’s my work and I want to have it on my site as well. Not only that but I think they’re genuinely interesting articles and it helps me practice my writing skills so perhaps I can write for more sites in the future! I really wish I had more time to say more but unfortunately there’s so many things to do (did I mention I’m drinking a SHIT TON of coffee)?

          I’m going to start trying to keep up with this, just don’t freak out if you see a Real Estate Article or two, this site isn’t becoming a giant sales billboard I promise; it’s more about showcasing my work. If you don’t wanna read them read the Ostomy or Motivational Articles 😊.

          Anyway, as Reaver from Fable 3 would say; “Tatty bye”!! Stay Classy Seattle, I fuckin love ya.

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