Officially Created a GoFundMe!!! (PLEASE SHARE!!!)

Well I had planned to go to the gym tonight after my date, but instead I got rather caught up in figuring out how to send an email to everyone on my contact list about The GoFundMe I just set up. It's alright though I did a 3 hour workout this morning :D, so it's all good, I really am serious about starting the 2 a days again though. I'm so glad my 24 membership is reactivated and the docs cleared me to start lifting again! You don't know how much stress goes away when I'm able to go to the gym... It really is my decompress time.

I just accidently deleted like 3 paragraphs -_-, now I remember why I always write my posts up in a word document before I put them in the blog. Anyway things have really been swinging my way lately, I have a phone interview tomorrow morning for the position of Event Coordinator for all UW Football Husky games (haha if I get the position perhaps it’ll look good on my application when I apply for UW in the winter). Hopefully I won’t end up in the hospital again this next quarter, but even if I do this time I’m refusing to withdraw! I don’t care if I have to do my damn homework with tubes down my throat and nose and high on morphine, I WILL get through my last 2 quarters for my Associates Degree and continue on in my education. My parents really have instilled the value of education to me, they really had a hard time as immigrants from Africa and having no education. My old man killed it in Real Estate but if he hadn’t? Well I’d probably be dead honestly because we certainly WOULD NOT have any money for the ridiculous amount of medical bills we’ve had to deal with due to my…. Illness.

Also my date was a pretty chill woman, she had like 20 something tattoos and she was only 22 (hehe that rhymes), but cool as she was I felt zero chemistry. I’m kind of happy I’m not in a relationship though, otherwise I feel like I wouldn’t have the time I need to pursue my ambitions and goals! However sometimes I do wish I could find someone I really connect with… I’m sure they’ll come along sooner or later!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THE GOFUNDME PAGE AS WELL AS THIS BLOG! I really want to start posting more articles and hopefully the articles are helping people!

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