Love it When They End up Being Hotter Than Their Pictures

So after my last post yesterday I got a good work out in (still on the gym ban because of surgery so I’m unfortunately confined to walking at 3 MPH on the treadmill -_-). Ended up going out to dinner with my parentals after, they wanted to treat the immediate family and my Grandparents to dinner at Persopolis (a Persian place in the U-District). I was as usual late as fuck (traffic and mind you it’s still bloody hard to shower with these stupid bandages). However I did get there right as the food arrived, so one could also say technically I got there at the absolute best time possible.

            Anyway after taking pictures with my Grandparents (which was kind of awkward because my mum totally blocked the door, stopping this poor family from coming in for like 5 minutes hahaha) I get a text from a girl I’d just started talking too. I’d pulled her number the day before and she’d let me know she had a kid and needed to find a sitter before we could go out. We’ll call this one… Blonde Tatted Baddy Car Chick (I’d tag her as MILF but in this situation Baddy works better because this girl was fucking GORGEOUS). I decide I don’t want to deal with the texting game so I went ahead and just called her to see if she still wanted to meet for a drink, she said she did but needed to handle some stuff with her kid first; of course this gave me ample time to go find good FREE parking in Cap Hill and also message tons of other girls on OKcupid, POF and Tinder (I love this online dating thing, I mean I prefer Cold Approach Pickup but online dating is just super easy and I can do it while I’m working out or waiting around for a meeting to start).

            She gives me a call at like 9ish (I’d been waiting for about an hour, chillin like a villain and reading The Mass Effect Wiki #nerdstatus), says she’s on the way. We had a hard time finding each other because she didn’t really know Seattle but eventually I was able to get to her and…. Well her pics did not do her justice; she was way hotter than I expected, I was quite pleased.

            We end up heading to The Unicorn and she totally digs the atmosphere. We start chatting and of course I make moves as fast as possible, my anxiety was chill today so hand holding was easy (no sweaty palms). I worked plenty of Kino in, making sure to put my arm around her at good moments and “examining her 8 tattoos”, sometimes you just gotta make an excuse to touch her (OBVIOUSLY IN A NON CREEPY WAY). It sounds rather silly but in my research so far and in my own experience, the more you two are touching the better, forget about all that be a gentleman shit society keeps preaching, bloody white knights. I didn’t buy her any drinks either! I’m poor as fuck and I’d rather spend that money on myself haha, in the last year that I’ve stopped paying for dates I’ve met much better more interested women; I’d say you shouldn’t need to pay for someone to spend time with you yes? We’re worth more than that.

Turns out Blonde Tatted Baddy Car Chick is also a smoker and only 23 (like myself). She seemed embarrassed to tell me but I told her I smoke occasionally myself and enjoy the smell of cigarettes on a woman (wut?). I think I may have tried to move too fast once we were outside smoking, because when I told her to sit next to me (like we’d been doing inside, with my arm around her), she said she needed to stand. So I just backed off my escalation a bit and chilled, she was a real damn chatterbox so I just let her talk and talk and talk, asking questions and introducing small details about myself when needed. She also mentioned she was absolutely not looking for a relationship (this is either code for she just wants to bang you or she’s not interested and wants to be friends), in my case I think it was both. Just because I’m straight up and blunt I asked her to clarify, she let me know her ex was still living with her and SHE’D LIED AND TOLD HIM SHE WAS GOING OUT WITH A GIRLFRIEND! I dunno why I put that in all caps, people lie all the time and they were broken up (or so she said anyway, I’ve been the “side dude” before unknowingly). Anyway the conversation steered towards sex and how her “vibrator had become her best friend” when her daughter was born and she was staying away from men (guys you have to start believing that women enjoy sex too, it will improve your game by a hundred fold).

At this point I’m pretty sure she’s looking for a FWB relationship (even though she says she just wants to get out and meet new people), doesn’t honestly matter either way if you can create that chemistry and attraction, so I ask her about her past “Friends with Benefits” and she tells me she once had sex with a guy for two years and they were nothing more than fuck buddies. Hmm ok, so I’m thinking I should definitely play the “I’m not looking for a relationship either card”, it works very well and after we walk to the gas station for her to buy cigs I say she should come look at my car (my ploy to get her somewhere more private, muahhahahaha, P.S. women aren’t stupid they absolutely know why you want to take them somewhere else, they simply need plausible deniability to avoid slut shaming).

We walk over to my car and she complains about being in heels, I chuckle and ask her if she needs a break; she just laughs and says no. I say “Come over here for a sec” (one of my favorite lines, portrays dominance and boldness while also requiring investment on her end, people are more attracted to what they must invest in and chase), I pull her in close to me and we start making out. It’s going pretty well but I know the rules of the game and pull away first, we then go to my car and she shows me the music she likes (it’s chick death metal, actually pretty good). Anyway I ask her to go for a drive (I live with my parents and her ex is at her place, not that the escalation was at that point but I generally always try to go home with the girl on the first date unless the vibe doesn’t feel right at all, better to be bold). She unfortunately says she needs to get home because she has to take her sitter to work in the morning, this makes me sad but being pushy isn’t going to get me anywhere so I take her back to her car. We make out a little more once we get back to her car and I tell her to text me when she got home, this is where I kind of messed up and as I got out of the car to get my backpack (which I always stash in the trunk), she kinda looked at me like she wanted me to kiss her again and so I did (couldn’t tell if that was the right move, seemed needy but I’m not overanalyzing things anymore it’s to much work.

She gets in her car and doesn’t leave right away, I put my place in the GPS and take off blasting some bomb Bullet for My Valentine; she waved as she passed me and had a decently big smile on so I figure the date goes well. At this point though I no longer base my happiness on other’s actions like I once did, so when I don’t get a text from her that night I don’t freak out like I used too. However I did see her online on POF and… well I couldn’t help myself I had to call her out on it, I just did it in a chill way and told her I was just giving her shit. We’ll see if she ends up texting me back or not (she already messaged back saying she just forgot to send it), don’t really care either way.

I’m also quite happy that my doctors said my wound should be healed pretty soon! God I can’t wait to start getting back on track to getting my abs back, I’m gonna be just like Blake Bedford (Ostomy Fitness Model from England)! Also I found a guy who understands tech and programming and he’s helping me build this website, we’ll call him Neo; because he reminds me of Neo from the Matrix.

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