Well it’s been a crazy couple of days. Yesterday I started my first promo job after probably about two years; for Morning Star Farms at the Kirkland Uncorked Festival. The thing I love about promo is it’s professional and you get paid quite a bit (20$ an hour for this gig), but most people who do it are in college or their 20’s so it tends to be a little… flexible as far as professionalism goes. I’ve seen people drinking and doing other things on the job (not that that’s what I DO)! What I actually enjoy is meeting lots of cute girls that I not only work with but also women at whatever festival I’m doing promo at.

            This particular brand had some decent hotties working it, now you’ve got to understand my flirting is RUSTY AS FUCK, I haven’t out doing pickup and you really do lose the skill if you don’t use it. Somehow I still managed to pull two of my coworkers numbers (one I see as more platonic, not that she’s not attractive I’m just not particularly into her) the other one who we’ll call… Hot Just Graduated High School Promo Girl. I lightly flirted with her throughout the day saying I liked the way she put blue highlights in her hair (it did look dope) but really I didn’t think I was gonna be able to pull her number till I noticed her staring at me while I was getting people into the line. I made sure to get close to her when management wasn’t really paying attention and we started chatting; I told her I was hungry as fuck (I told you my game was pretty rusty) and she said I should have gone to Jimmy Johns. I said “Well maybe I’ll go if you come with me haha”, she’s like “I already ate though” so I say “well let’s hangout soon anyway”, I’ll grab your number later and then I wink at her and walk away (sly old me being coy). Ended up rolling up as we were taking stuff down and slid my phone over with a “Put your number in my phone”, she’s been texting me and sending smiley faces ever since so I’d say things are going well!

I probably shouldn’t have done the heavy lifting I did as far as setup and takedown because I really do still have a massive hole in my stomach, I lifted from my legs though so I think I’ll be ok; hopefully anyway haha. Anyway last night we headed out after the festival and did pickup in Cap Hill and I had a ball of a time! We pulled two hot Asian girls that just moved from LA and were moving them around but my buddy who just got back from LA (he asked to go by “Ron Burgundy” for the purposes of this blog), he wasn’t really feeling his girl and I think she could sense that. I also unfortunately texted her another girl’s name in my icebreaker message (screencap up top), sooooo that’s probably dead in the water. I ended up picking up 7-8 numbers I’m not sure I think I lost track. It was a helluva night and great to be back with the boys. It always does wonders for my confidence to see that I can do pickup sober and everyone else needs booze or drugs to talk to girls.

I came home at like 2 AM and then watched End of Watch and ate food so I wouldn’t have to eat breakfast before my modeling shoot in the morning. God I woke up this morning and I didn’t want to move (fuck getting 3 hours of sleep when you’re 23, I’m getting old man…). Whatever though the shoot went brilliantly and I made 200$ to sit in a chair and pretend to take notes in a Microsoft Outlook Vid that will probably get at least 50K views (hopefully anyway that’s what the client said and they’re typically pretty optimistic).

Then afterwards I went directly to the festival and pulled this super hot Promo girls number that was working the skinny popcorn brand, my boss was kind of flirting with her too (he’s an MC and FUCKING HILARIOUS), but I ended up pulling her number and he couldn’t stop talking about how thick her booty was for a white girl (we talked lots about leg day haha). Anyway other stuff def happened but I’m gonna have to cut this post short as I’m already bloody late for a bonfire with the homies. Love y’all! 

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