How to Safely Stay Under the Radar When You Need to Empty your Ostomy at a Party/Event with Large Crowd

This is something I had trouble with when I first started partying again after I got my Ostomy surgery. It’s not easy; and at first you may not be exactly comfortable telling people about your Ostomy. However, you still want to go to parties and events yes? How do you stay under the radar when those bathrooms are filled up/clogged or there are massive lines of people? What if… THERE ARE NO BATHROOMS??? Here are some tips of the trade that I’ve learned so far!

            First off if you are in an unfamiliar environment or new to having an Ostomy I highly recommend not drinking/doing drugs. Staying sober will help you in case you need to either get the fuck out early (and drive), or even just emptying your bag in general (alcohol really fucks your coordination up). If you feel up to it stick with a beer, DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF! It’s a bitch to have to empty when you can barely stand properly and your wobbling all over the place; I’ve had accidents happen (covered them up but that’s more work isn’t it?).

            BRING YOUR OWN CAR!!! This is another thing I suggest, especially if you’re going with people you don’t know all that well (which happens quite a bit, friends of friends, acquaintances and classmates etc.). This will also allow you to safely carry extra supplies and emergency materials with you, as well as leave WHEN YOU WANT TOO/FEEL TIRED. Trust me, your buddies will unfortunately get wasted and not be able to drive; if you have an accident or leak you don’t want to be stuck wherever you are and reliant on someone else.

            Carry paper towels and a bottle of water on your person! This one is useful, say the bathroom is clogged or there is a huge lineup; you can quietly sneak out into the trees/somewhere outside and do a quick empty (hand sanitizer may be essential if you’re a germ freak). Also if you have pancaking issues (where you have solid stool sticking to the top), the bottle of water helps. Any kind of little bottle that can safely carry water works, I’ve used soap bottles/shampoo bottles/Listerine bottles/perfume bottles etc. Worst come to worst you can push to the front of the line and just show them/tell them you have a disability (I do this a lot but it takes a lot of confidence AND I DEFINETLY COULDN’T DO IT WHEN I FIRST HAD SURGERY)!

            Take a trusted buddy with you who knows the situation. They can be literally INVALUABLE if shit hits the fan, (you have an accident/leak or a blockage), pick someone who won’t judge you either. My mates have saved my arse many times both when I was at parties and when I was running them. You can also have a friend guard the bathroom door at a house party to stop people from opening it (if there’s no lock, happens quite a bit actually) and to stop them from being annoying as fuck and pounding on the door.

            I really suggest getting together a good, trusted pouching system so you feel comfortable BEFORE you go out. However, that’s not always possible, hopefully these tips will help keep you from having issues!

Pro Tip: Make friends with the host/person throwing the party. It really makes things a hundred times easier whether you have an issue or just have to empty in general.

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