How to get into Modeling and Acting (Tips from Someone in the Business)

So I’ve had quite a few people ask me where I keep getting my gigs from; and even more ask me where how on Earth I started doing what I do (even with my Ostomy Bag). So I’ll tell you, here’s how I did it, and here’s how you can do it too :D.

First off it’s not really WHAT YOU KNOW or HOW GOOD/GOOD LOOKING YOU ARE, it’s all about connections and networking baby, that’s all that matters in this business. Seriously I know some VERY good looking people that struggle and then you have little old me and my pals who come away with plenty of gigs (even though we aren’t’ exactly perfect 10’s), what’s the difference? I’ll tell you, the difference is we’re good at making friends, this business is almost exclusively social power. If you can’t hang as far as networking and making connections you’re going to need one helluva an agent; guess how you find one of those? BY NETWORKING!!! (Or you could be discovered but that’s… hard to do and I hate to say it but rather unlikely unless you’re relatively well known).

So how did I get started you ask? I’m a Law Student, I wasn’t studying Fashion Design or anything like that; well I happened to be dating this girl when I was 18 and was in tight for some money as I was extremely sick with Colitis at the time. Like we’re talking I couldn’t hold a job together for longer than a week because I just kept getting fired by not going in to work. A 9-5 was too hard for me with my illness. Basically my girlfriend asked me to come give her some moral support at a fashion show she was doing and I met her agent while I was there, he told me I had good bone structure or something and that I’d be a great model (honestly I thought he was just hitting on me but it turned out he was serious), and… he got me my first gig! I made 200$ in the space of THREE HOURS from that gig, immediately I knew this was something I could do. Unfortunately I asked him for more work and he said it was hard to come by and he’d get ahold of me.

I’m not the sort of person who likes to wait around… like ever. So I did what ALL BEGINNER MODELS SHOULD DO! I browsed the Craigslist Talent Sections and Event Sections (yes they can be sketchy be careful), I found my first Brand Promotion gigs for General Electric, TMobile and Trojan, that supported me through the first steps of my modeling career. As I got bigger and made more friends I joined Facebook groups that helped me network even better, finding more commercials and even landing myself a job as a TV Show Co-Producer.

Another tip is to join Backstage if you haven’t already, there’s plenty of competition so it’s not easy to make a name for yourself but I currently have not one but TWO Reality TV Network shows scouting me (and no they’re no YouTube or Amazon shows, they’re legit ON NETWORK SHOWS, which I can’t tell you about because I signed a Non-Disclosure).

Basically if you want to succeed in this business make lots of friends, make your Social Media profiles fucking incredible, like we’re talking top notch. If you do that and have the right kinds of connections you’ll succeed no problem . That’s how I did it and it’s exactly how you can do it too!

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