Got the Microsoft Shoot! Unfortunately My Insides are All Jacked up Again…

Disclaimer: I’m in quite a bit of pain right now, so I apologize if this blog post comes out jargled. I did some research and apparently Dayquil contains an ingredient called: “Sorbitol”, which I’ve read can cause Intestinal spasms. That’s most likely why I started feeling the way I did at the party (I felt like I was coming down with a Cold so I chugged some Dayquil as I had many times before and went on my merry way). I had some the next day too and my stomach has just been God awful messed up all weekend. I honestly thought I had a partial blockage today, but I’m starting to think it was just the Dayquil causing issues because my intestines are still so weak after the recent surgery.

I’m not sure if the casting directors just didn’t notice that my hands were shaking horrifically the entire time or they didn’t care but I got an email last night that I got the part for the Microsoft Shoot! It’s just as an extra but hey 200$ for 2 hours of work sounds like a pretty damn good deal to me. The only other two Ostomy Models that I know of come from Canada and England respectively, so I figure I have a good chance of standing out and making myself seem more unique to casting directors. Either way I want to raise awareness and show people that even with ANXIETY/DEPRESSION/OSTOMIES/CHRONIC ILLNESSES; you can still be attractive as FUCK!

5 of the 6 numbers I got at the party didn’t even bother texting back, I’m not surprised though; it really is a numbers game unless you’re actually dating within your social circle. Here in Seattle because of the Tech Boom recruiting so many men for Microsoft and Amazon, men outnumber women by a fair amount. So the ranking system is a little different, if you’re a guy and you’re an 8, you’re actually a 6; and if you’re a woman and you’re a 6, you’re actually an 8. Feel me? That’s why I don’t take it to heart, never take things personally in the Dating Game (I used to have a lot of trouble with that one), also the girl I was supposed to go out with last night never let me know where to pick her up; and the girl I was supposed to meet at the street fair today never texted me. Granted I didn’t actually do the normal confirmation text (as I was sick as shit and actually hoping they’d cancel), but it does go to show you how rare it is for a girl to chase you here in Seattle. I do have some that do but from what I’ve seen they’re few and far between (and it’s rare you’ll actually be attracted to them). I’m totally going to overcome this though, for some strange reason it’s a passion of mine to be “The Most Desired Male”, perhaps it stems back from the fact that I was rather invisible in high school; who knows.

Oh and I got picked for another commercial down in Olympia, so that’s exciting! I’ve really no idea what it’s about but hey, exposure is exposure right?

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