Busy, Busy, Busy; Good Lord I should have Just Stayed on Vacation

Well it has been a roller coaster ride ever since I got back to Seattle (and not in a good way). I had not 1, BUT 2 doc appointments yesterday (rather important since I was in the ER twice in Canada. The Ostomy Nurse showed me how to fix my pouching system so it doesn’t cause anymore problems, basically because I’ve lost so much weight in my eternal quest to become a well known fitness model (ok some of it was from working out, lots from being in the hospital); my pouches weren’t sticking correctly. So what we’ve done is chop off part of the wafer (flange) so it doesn’t touch my surgical scar which goes right across where my belly button used to be (it looks pretty sick too). Then we chopped up part of the Sure Seal and put it in a diamond formation so it doesn’t cover the scar either! I’ll take a picture when I have more time and post it in an article, I have a pretty solid pouching system.

            My surgeon finally cleared me to start lifting weights again so I’m fucking excited! It’s time to get into the best shape of my life because I’ve never been so motivated (as opposed to how I’m normally pretty motivated anyway). I have a City Council/Planning Commission meeting in about an hour (after running around all day taking care of business), so I only had a few minutes to get this blog entry written. After the meeting I’ve got another meeting with Tyga to discuss our timeline on the goals we’ve set for ourselves as well as business plans and ideas. I love working hard though, I know it will pay off to just bash my head against the wall of life relentlessly till either I die or break through!

            Went on a nice hiking date last night with a girl I’ve been seeing for awhile (casually, we both know it’s not turning into a relationship). It was good to see her because she’s leaving for Alaska in a couple weeks (hence why we shall call her Alaskan Girl). She also had the house to herself so we had a great time watching Netflix; Supernatural is definitely the shiznit, she’s a Dean girl and I’m a Sam guy but we still get along.

            Anyway time to be off to that City Planning meeting, will be posting more articles and starting vlogs soon! My Modeling/Social Media Manager has also set up an Instagram/Facebook Fan Page/Twitter and all that other jazz so I’ll be posting those soon too! Till next time, toodles!


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