Becoming a Motivational Speaker, Social Media Challenges for Mr. United States and More!

I was browsing job postings on Craigslist and… I just felt depressed while doing it. I think I really was born to be an entrepreneur, it’s not about working for “the man”; I just would much rather be working for myself and working on MY dreams and goals.

I had decided to become a Motivational Speaker awhile ago (like probably a few months ago), but today listening to Tony Robbins… I mean we’ve only got so much time right? I don’t need someone to teach me how to be an entrepreneur or how to be a speaker; I’m just going to push and follow my dreams myself.

That being said I still recommend keeping an open mind to everyone you meet, from the big time business executive you see at the fancy restaurant you’re trying to impress your girlfriend at to the homeless guy at the bus stop; both of those men can teach you something incredible, you just don’t know till you speak to them. Make friends, learn, push hard and just… keep moving no matter the cost 😊.

I’ve already started emailing local churches/schools/organizations and just seeing where I can speak; the experience starts to get you known (this is why I’m writing that book about Social Influencers and how to become one, shoutout to Gerry something or other for his book writing seminar). Tomorrow I’m meeting with one of my partners to work on our app, we’re almost ready to submit investor proposals which is incredibly exciting!

Also Mr. United States is going great, I haven’t been this excited about something in years, I just did the Week 4 Social Media Challenge and my campaign is going along really well!

Going to start writing articles on here again, it helped me focus all my ideas; plus it helps you guys when you read stuff on my site 😊. Promise you’ll be seeing lot more articles start coming out here!

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