Avoiding Fights at Parties

Everyone knows drunk/high people can be… unpredictable at best and dangerous at worst. So how do you avoid a brawl when someone is clearly trying to start a problem with you? This absolutely pertains to having an Ostomy as if you get hit in that generalized area…. It’s definitely not a good thing (Source: Personal Experience :/!)

Obviously the easiest way is to not be in a dangerous situation in the first place, do your research on whatever party you’re planning on attending (or bar/club). If it’s a venue is it known for fights and cops showing up? If it’s a house party is the group of people that normally hang with the owner/party thrower a bit rough around the edges (especially when inebriated). Research and preparation can save you a WHOLE LOT OF TROUBLE in the long run. If you’re already at a party and see a person/group getting unruly, avoid them and go to another area; hell go hangout in the bathroom till the trouble is over (don’t be crazy like me and dodge punches just to get good snapchats).

If you end up in a situation where you can’t escape, there’s a couple different ways you can handle it. Definitely use the buddy system when you’re attending events (go with at least one other person), if you’re going to unfamiliar territory my suggestion is to bring at least 3-4 of your mates with you (make sure they’re the reliable types as well). If your friends are nowhere in sight and you have to handle things by yourself, DON’T PANIC. Bullies love when they can sense fear, it’s probably why they do what they do. Stand tall and don’t submit, it’s fine (and smart) to use a diplomatic tone but don’t be placating. You don’t want to show weakness, there’s no need to get in their face or insult them back but don’t show them you’re afraid either (I’ve seen more people get hurt after showing weakness/fear than because they stood up to people causing issues).

If they have weapons or are a group, BOUNCE ASAP. Do whatever it is you gotta do, standing up to them is just too risky and they may decide to hurt you regardless (because they have overwhelming power or because they have their buddies backing them up).

It helps to stay somewhat sober in unfamiliar territory as well as observe the demeanor of the party (yes that’s a thing), if there’s trouble coming and you’re sober you’ll usually be able to sense it. Pay attention to what people are doing, what girls are with what guys (one of the biggest fight starters in the Nightlife is hitting on someone’s girlfriend or a girl they brought and are pursuing). Make friends with the house owner or party thrower, if there’s security or bouncers get tight with them. I make it a point to always meet the bouncers at whatever venue I go too (not only because they’ll back me up but also because they’re genuinely cool people typically and most people don’t ever stop to talk to them).

Also if a big group of troublemakers show up (known by reputation), just take off. It’s not worth sticking around for the drama.

Now what do you do if you’re forced into a fight? This has only happened once to me (and even then it wasn’t a serious fight, one of my mates was drunk and got pissed that we were taking snaps of him). If you have an Ostomy GUARD YOUR STOMA AREA! That’s a piece of your intestine sticking out, you REALLY do not want to have revision surgery. It’s rough trying to guard your face and your side but it’s doable, especially fighting someone that’s inebriated they typically telegraph their punches; just guard when you see it coming. I personally suggest going on the offensive and taking down your opponent as soon as possible if you’re forced into things, the longer the fight goes on… the more likelihood you get hurt! There is also Stoma guard pieces you can get like Ostomy Armor and StomaGuard, I personally don’t wear one but it’s always an option.

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