Accused! Does Racism Still Exist in Seattle and the Generalized Pacific Northwest?

So I came home after my Spanish Midterm today and was hoping to get in a quick workout and write a speech for The Rotary Club I need to present my Ostomybagswag funding and support pitch too, when I saw a new message pop up in my “Message Request box on Facebook”. Being that I had a few minutes to spare I decided to open it, it went something like this: “Saleem, I’m filing a police report on you and your friends because a handgun and 4,000$ worth of stuff went missing from my house on Saturday night during the party. They’re going to start their investigation with you because we knew almost everyone there except for you and your friends” (that just happened to be the only nonwhite folks at the party). “The total cost of everything equals a Grand Theft Charge along with the firearm being stolen which is another felony charge.”

Now… Some backstory here let’s backup, I was at said party this weekend but I certainly don’t remember taking anything that wasn’t mine! (And I was completely sober because I don’t drink or use any drugs…. Except I do take my GIANT cup of Gas Station Coffee to every party I go too, it’s my trademark :D). Anyway our original ride drank waaaaay too much and had to stay over (we wouldn’t let him drive), but luckily I had invited a latecomer friend that happened to live in the same area as myself and my friend Piercings. Piercings was drunk as all hell and knocking shit over so I was a bit anxious to get out of there, I said goodbye to my mates and headed out, only to hear a voice calling us back. We’ll call the voice “Wolverine” as that was his Halloween costume and he was the host of the party. Now Wolverine is a good dude, invited us to the party despite not knowing me all that well (I had gone to his previous Halloween party the year before). He says: “The speaker that was on the counter vanished after you guys left” I look at my buddies and kind of chuckle, it’s not like I haven’t been accused of stealing before (the perks of being a Man of Color in America) but this situation was so random! I say “Dude I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you’re welcome to search my backpack” (as I hand him the pack opening the zippers). Some may ask why I had a backpack in the first place, well that’s where I carry my extra Ostomy Supplies, my extra water bottles (Ostomates need 3 times as much water as normal people to not dehydrate), toilet paper and even my vape!

Wolverine takes my bag and looks through it for a bit, I can tell he’s decently sober (or he seems like it anyway) so I’m wondering where this irrationality is coming from. TURNS OUT, my DUMBASS friend Piercings DID IN FACT TAKE THE SPEAKER. However he’s just a drunk idiot (you have to understand how fucked up he was that night, it’s not like he was trying to hide it; I’ve absentmindedly walked out of places with stuff before). Anyway Piercings gives Wolverine the speaker back and the friend that came to pick us up and I just facepalm and basically just listen to Piercings ramble about random stuff on the way home.

I figure the situation is done with but… then I get that message. I’ve more than tried to reason with them; If I had stolen the stuff why on earth would I bother trying to talk to them about it? I’d make sure I vanished off the face of the planet as far as they were concerned, TWO FELONY CHARGES? Yeah a logical thief is going to lay low after that (though I’m not a thief so that’s just a guesstimation).

So now, in order to basically clear my name (because word is going around now that I’m a thief), I have to help catch the guy that actually did it. Which is fine and normally I wouldn’t mind helping a friend get their stuff back, but why is it that I was guilty until proven innocent? Something that Wolverine’s roommate said stuck out too me: “We mostly knew everyone at that party, other than you and your friends”, so…. You MOSTLY knew everyone at that party and you decided for some reason that the COLORED guy stole stuff from you. I will mention that my friend that took the speaker is White, however the rest of our group were all Men of Color.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen shit like this happen too. Seems like everytime I go to a party/nightclub and see a white guy talking to a white girl, it’s just “flirting/cute/romantic” (even when they’re pulling that drunk frat shit on them, seriously I’ve seen some really creepy white dudes and they just seem to get away with being creepy wherever they are). Now….  You put a Man of Color in the same situation? Pfft, CREEPER ALERT!! I’ve been called a creeper for knocking on the bathroom door before at a party, I’m not kidding the 3 girls inside were taking a really long time and I REALLY needed to empty my bag so I kept pounding on the door; finally, they open the door and called me a CREEP “because I tried to get in the bathroom”, I didn’t try and DO anything I was knocking to HURRY YOUR ASSES UP!

One time I ran a Social Experiment at school to see the difference between myself going up and flirting with a girl and getting her number vs. my white friend; the differences were astounding! Even the expression on their face vs. when I walked up and he walked up were very different, go look at my pictures on here; I don’t look all that threatening (though I’m a big guy I guess but my white friend had 3 inches and 15 lbs of muscle on me). I did the same thing at a bar in Capital Hill, my white friend got away with pretty much any shenanigans he wanted to do! Guy was walking around calling women “cunts” and slapping their asses! I THOUGHT THAT WAS SEXUAL HARASSMENT! I also explained to him as such and that he should be more careful before someone called the cops on him (it also just seemed really douchey to me…) he just chuckled and said they’d let him off like the time he was going 85 on the freeway and bullshitted with the cop that stopped him about guns….. I’m not saying I didn’t get any numbers and nobody was interested in me, what I’m saying is, MYSELF AND MY WHITE FRIEND WERE TREATED VERY DIFFERENTLY AND THE PARAMOUNT OF DIFFERENCES WAS INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS.

There’s one more example I have that shows incredible differences between the ways White Men and Men of Color are treated, I’ll write that in a different article though as it’s a reaaaaally long story, suffice to say it’ll blow your fucking mind though; that’s a promise.

So yes racism still exists in places like Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. We PRETEND it doesn’t because “we’re liberal” and “we’re progressive” “yay we love everyone!” Bullshit, look underneath the surface and see what’s really going on, there’s plenty of racism to go around here. I plan to run some more Social Experiments as my time frees up a little bit more. The TV show I’m Producing is almost done, so I’m looking forward to being able to spend a little more time on Social Issues and fighting for the rights of Men of Color, and those with Disabilities/Anxiety/Depression. I think I’ll place the videos of the Social Experiments on Youtube, none of that silly prankster shit or “fake social experiments where they pay people for reactions”, I’m doing mine the real way because I’ve seen how people react to things WITH MY OWN TWO EYES! Stay tuned Seattle, I’ve got lots more content coming your way!



(I’ve put this article at the bottom of mine to showcase how much Anti-Muslim Rhetoric still exists #Republicans #Conservatives #Foxnews)

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