This site, the blog posts I do, the articles I write, the vlogs I record and everything else; are all dedicated to the goal of helping people with disabilities, anxiety and depression. Not only is the goal to help them gain confidence, but to help show them that they don’t have to settle for what society tells them to do. People without these issues get to party hard, experience the dating scene freely, travel where and when they wish and go on all kinds of crazy adventures with obnoxious shenanigans. It’s a part of being young; yet I rarely see articles about how to do these things IF YOU DO HAVE THESE ISSUES! That’s where I come in ;).

People may disagree with the things that I post or be offended by it, people may say what I write is a bit unorthodox; bordering on being a maverick. I’m not intentionally trying to offend people; the reason I write the stuff that I do is it’s my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE WITH THINGS. I’ve read plenty of politically correct/non crass articles out there, so if you want to go read that BS, be my guest; however, if you want to read something CANDID and REAL, read on!