A Crazy Ass Night, Featured Model on a Pretty Big Ostomy Instagram Page and now Helping Out with Promoting/Running Hempfest!

My Social Media Coordinator is pretty damn dope. She got me featured on a decently big Instagram Page (I have no idea how to do an Instagram, I’m not from that generation :D). I’m really hoping what I’m doing and the articles that I’m writing are making a difference in the fight to raise awareness and making people with Ostomies feel more confident! The picture isn’t the greatest looking in my opinion but the whole point of it was to show that no matter what you HAVE GOT to stay confident!

Also I will be helping promote Hempfest memberships, one of their board of directors has promised to help draw attention to my cause and blog if I help them out and volunteer to help run it as well. I’m quite excited, Maryjane isn’t really my thing (smoking makes me feel paranoid and sick), but it helps a lot of people with Chrons Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Anxiety, Depression and Ostomies! Therefore I’m absolutely in favor of supporting anything to do with it, I hope you’ll support us too!

Last night was dope, I went out with Neo and two of my other friends; Drunken Danceaholic and Da Bouncer (named as such because the first gets wasted and tears up the dance floor and does other nutty shenanigans, the latter because he’s worked nightclub security in Seattle for years and knows the big clubs even better than I do). We went to Lucky Strike (I got in a 3 hour workout beforehand so I felt pretty damn amazing), and it was the first Friday night I hadn’t gone out specifically to run game in almost six months. It feels good to be out of Pickup, I’ll always love the confidence that it taught me; but it’s so much more fun to just go out and hang with my buddies (and I can still talk to girls/dance with em it’s just not the specified plan of the night). I met an Ostomy Nurse from some town up North (can’t remember what it’s called) who was there for a bachelorette party, went up and told her and her friend that they were gorgeous (they were in their 30’s so they loved that a 23 year old was complimenting them). Ended up talking about support groups and people she knows in the community, asked her to spread the word about the blog and my fitness modeling!

Da Bouncer was also able to get us into Foundation Nightclub free (even though the cover was like 30$ per person), the guy I used to run Yacht Parties with is one of his buddies too and talked to security for us (he’s a big promoter for that club and a few others), even so I didn’t have all that much fun. As I’ve gotten older I’ve stopped enjoying nightclubs as much, when I was 18-19 and still drinking; grinding on the dance floor was super fun! Nowadays I look at my watch and take snapchats and pictures for the blog; guess that’s just part of getting older. I still do love Dive Bars though!

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