3 New Modeling Gigs in the same day? Dayyuuum Son!

So I’m pretty excited right now, not only do I have a promo modeling gig tomorrow morning, I have a commercial video shoot on Tuesday and a commercial photo shoot on Thursday! I also may (fingers crossed) get picked for ANOTHER commercial shoot on Wednesday (they’re still thinking it over), we’ll see if it goes anywhere. Tomorrows gig pays 25$ an hour for 4 hours, then Tuesday is 1000$ for the entire day, then Thursday is 150$ for the day (but paid in cash); I CAN ACTUALLY PAY BILLS THIS MONTH FUCK YES!! No but really I need to start paying off these medical bills from all the damn ER visits, otherwise my credit is screwed!

I also somehow qualified for a Community Outreach Coordinator Position with a Progressive Liberal Lobbyist Group (how I qualified I dunno, I haven’t even finished my Associates Degree yet); I thought they usually make people start as canvassers but hey I’m not much for door knocking so this sounds a lot better! The interview is on Monday so hopefully it goes well!

Double workouts have been making me INSANELY sore, but they are so worth it to get this fitness modeling stuff off the ground. A few notable organizations liked my articles and will be publishing them :D, that’s quite exciting! The most important thing to me is that these articles are seen by people who need to read them, if they can help build someone’s confidence then I will have done my duty!

I’m also happy there’s a big house party tonight, I really wanted to go to the one I was invited to tomorrow night; but I made a commitment to Tyga to go with him to the event that we’re running…. Sometimes I forget I’m supposed to be an adult now and a man’s word is his bond, but hey luckily there is one tonight so I can just go to that and then handle the biz tomorrow evening!

Speaking of which I hope to see you all at our event at The Night Owl Lounge in Tacoma tomorrow evening! It’s gonna be killer and my business partner Tyga gets it LIIIIIIT on the CDJS (that means the music is going to be dope, for anyone not versed in Millennial slang).

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